Do you want to promote your company on social media?

Influencer Marketing

We have our Influencer ready to share your campaigns!

More than 500 Influencers in FASHION 0
More than 350 Influencers in TRAVELING 0
More than 400 Influencers in FREE TIME 0
More than 250 Influencers in HEALTH AND WELLNESS 0
More than 300 Influencers in FOOD 0
Più di 400 Influencer in TECHNOLOGY AND INTERNET 0

Loyalty Marketing

Gli Influencer sono i tuoi clienti con la “tessera fedeltà” o iscritti ai tuoi servizi (e-Commerce, negozi Retail, GDO). We invite them to join UZBee and to share on social media your campaigns for rewards (points, discounts, gifts or money). UZBee will be integrated with your legacy applications or the payment of rewards.

How it works?

  • The application is a SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • You have nothing to install on your servers
  • You have nothing to maintain
  • The Advertisers (Companies) pays for the Service
  • The Influencers are paid for their actions
  • Check the documentation (Video e PPT)
Giro UZBee

This is accomplished in 4 steps:

  • Listening of Social Media to check the company’s reputation, its Competitor and InfluencersIngaggiare gli Influencer più importanti
  • Creating a viral campaign
  • Sharing the campaign on the Social Media, by UZBee and Influencers
  • Return to step 1 to see how it changed the social environment with the campaign and make new “waves” of the campaign to achieve the desired goals.
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