Power Middle Influencer Marketing: a new reality in the world of Social Marketing

Power Middle Influencers (PMI) are different from celebrity or big name endorsers in that they don’t have millions of fans or followers. Sure, a celebrity or business rockstar with a massive following can use social media to send some brand love (or get paid to do so), but engaging in ongoing conversations is extremely limited. By contrast, bloggers and social media PMI have small (by mainstream media standards), but extremely loyal audiences. They can guide real conversations around specific themes or brand attributes that impact the lives of their readers. This engagement bolsters the brand message they are delivering, and feeds the loyalty of their readers since they are getting it from voices they already know, like, and trust.


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How it works?

This video explains how a company (Advertiser) can promote its products with an Advertising Campaign on Social Media and reward Influencers.

This video explains how to share an Advertising Campaign on Social Media by the Influencer, and how to be rewarded (with money, points or discounts) by the Advertiser for the social activities.

Who is in the UZBee’s garden of social advertising?

  • The Bees: influencers who share the pollen from flowers.
  • The Flowers: advertisers that offer their own content.
  • The Pollen: content that advertisers want to be shared.

What’s the bees’ aims? To share interesting content and be rewarded for it.

What’s the flowers’ aims? To distribute their own content in the effective and stimulating way.


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